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Hello! My name is Kim.

I was born and raised in a small farming community, Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada.

After living in a few different places, my heart brought me back to Armstrong where I met my husband back in 2004.

A marriage, a move to Fort St. John, BC, two kids (Memphis & Declan), and everything in between, here we are, still up North.

Sand and Stone was started when I wanted to make Christian stamped jewelry.

I forgot about it for about six months, until I found a gold jewelry cross (that I have to this day hanging off my rear view mirror as a daily reminder) on the floor of my daughter’s bedroom. To me it was sign that it was something I needed to pursue. I went onto Etsy, and happened to click on a store that sold leather stamping tools. I had never even owned a leather cuff. But I was meant to click on her little store that night, I had no idea what I was getting into, or what was being started…

A month after I received my supplies, we struck a financially difficult time in our lives. We had to sell two of our vehicles to even get through it. Who knew that a little hobby I wanted to start to allow my creative side to come back after having kids, would allow us to buy something as simple as a stroller for my second baby that was on the way. Who knew when I started, that buying a stroller would even be an issue.

Sand and Stone has been 100% a complete blessing from God.

We were being taken care of before we even knew we had to be taken care of, before I even really knew who He was, or how to put my trust in Him.

To the people who have supported me…

To my husband who put up with no kitchen table because my stuff was everywhere, to putting up with leather strewn all over, beads constantly taking over the house (ask the lady who bought our last home, she still is finding beads), customers in and out all the time, and to my babies being so independent that they allow me to take a few moments to speak to you and get my work done when needed.

Being a work at home mom isn’t easy, but I am so blessed I get to do it and create for all of you.

Prayers happen in my little workshop for many of you, ones you’ll never know or hear, but somehow hopefully they find you in some way.

Be blessed today.

Be grateful today.

Love today.

Love always, Kim

Photo Credit: Lana Hamilton Photography

**I’d like to give a serious shout out to Kyle at Citrus Quality Management Technologies for completely taking me under his wing with this website, and putting up with all my minor changes. He does amazing work, and is so incredibly patient. I cannot say enough about him and the time he put into getting this website up and running. If you are interested in getting him to help build your website, please contact me and I can get you his information!**