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A life well lived.

I create custom, unique pieces that can be worn every single day.

Whether you put on your lulus, or that outfit you’ve been saving for that special night out. Leather is so universal and naturally beautiful that it pairs with every single outfit you put on.

Dress it up, dress it down, and always have those special memories close.

The daily reminders, your motivation, your love…can now be worn daily, adding that extra pop to your outfit….

** please note that you can import a picture of any item you love, into your custom order, and mention what you love about it and would like in your order – maybe it will even be the whole stack, that’s perfect! just add the picture into the section that says ¬†‘import picture’ **

**also, please note that I am only one person, and it takes time to create every unique piece. There is no machine, or manufacturing line. Its me, in my workshop, hammering out each word, letter by letter.

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