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I’ve ordered a few different braclets now.Cuff, wraps& beaded. EVERY TIME they are more then I hoped for!! My new favorite things !!! Can’t wait to order more.

Jen O'Connor March 20, 2016

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Every year purchase

Every year we make a trip to the FSJ trade show and look for her booth and every year I buy at least 5 bracelets, my daughter buys five bracelets and i end up buying again the next day. She is so creative and wonderful and kind. I have never been disappointed in anything I have purchased from her and everything has been made with such love and care.

Jennifer Amon February 29, 2016

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For the love of jewelry

I own a few different pieces of Kim’s.
Some were given to me as gifts and others I bought .
One in particular was a custom order and Kim captured exactly what I envisioned on my leather cuff.
When I told Kim the story behind what I wanted on my cuff she listened so intently and I could tell that she was genuinely moved by my story.
Her love and passion for what she does truly is shown in her beautiful work ….
Thanks Kim 🙂

Tanya Bennett February 23, 2016

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Keeping Our Brother/Sons memory alive

When my brother passed away suddenly last Fall I knew I wanted to have something special made for myself along with my sister and mother. I immediately thought about Sand and Stone Jewelry. I had always wanted a personalized cuff, but had never got around to doing one. The need to stay connected to my brother through his passing presented an opportunity to finally touch base with Kim. The truly amazing benefit of working with Kim is she listens to your story, she genuinely cares about your story, and she does her absolute best to represent your story. I was able to make 3 personalized bracelets that reflected our 3 separate relationships with my brother. I chose the words to a song that was played at the funeral, my mom chose a bible verse and my sister chose her initials along side my brothers. The bracelets were the same and different all at the same time. When I went to pick them up I was feeling emotional to say the least. The neatest part of the whole experience was when I left Kim’s, the song I had used for my bracelet started to play on the radio. I pulled over and immediately texted Kim. It was a moment, a connection I got to have with my brother that was made possible by a great girl who inspires you to capture your story through her jewelry.

Cassandra Mervyn February 19, 2016

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Peacock dream catcher

I custom ordered a peacock themed dream catcher, and Kim nailed it! I love each little accent and the combination of colors and gems with the peacock feather is perfect! I also have a few braclets that I received as gifts, that I absolutely adore as well!! Kim has exquisite taste!!

Cara Nault February 19, 2016

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I first ordered a customized cuff, with bracelets for my Douala…and that’s when I fell in love with Sand & Stone. I’ve since bid on and won a few sets this amazing woman has handmade and put together, as well as a beautiful lace dream catcher 😍 this Christmas I wanted to do something more personal so I had customize picture frames done. The time and the effort that is put into every piece it truly amazing. Everything I have ordered has been stunning.

Love love love everything I’ve ordered. And will be a costumer for life ☺

Amanda Fraser February 19, 2016

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Beautiful creations

I absolutely love all my goodies from Kim.
She is incredibly gifted 💚

Brenda B February 18, 2016

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Perfectly me

Kim puts an amazing amount of heart felt effort into the pieces she makes and I can personally attest to the fact that she truly loves to hear the stories of those who put their Trust in her to enable them to give a gift that truly tells a story, their story and that’s amazing

Kelly livingstone February 18, 2016

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Kim has captured memories and created beautiful works of art with any crazy idea I threw at her. Thank you for all my beautiful pieces.

Christine Whitford February 18, 2016

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Inspiring and Beautiful Work!

Each work of art Kim creates is unique! The jewelry she makes with her own to hands is something you want to show off. Each piece doesn’t only tell a story, it is also the finishing touch to make your everyday outfits amazing! Everyone should own a piece of Sand and Stone Jewelry <3

Marie Stromsmoe February 18, 2016

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Perfect Gift

My favourite go to for a unique, special and handcrafted meaningful gift! Also, my favourite way to treat myself!

Crystal Dutchak February 18, 2016

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One of the best customized Jeweleries ever❤️

I absolutely love Kim\’s work ,i have been able to give meaningful and come \”from-heart\” gifts to my mom and daughter and girlfriends on their birthdays and other special occasions because of her amazing work ❤️

Shadi February 18, 2016

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Kim you are an amazing artist and person, the first time I met you it was like talking to an old friend, I love your work and how flexable you are in helping create the perfect gift. I wish you continued sucess.

Kathy Singer February 18, 2016

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A blessing to those She lives she reaches

I just love Kim’s creations, unique, special, personalized… my jewelry box is filled with bracelets, necklaces, earrings and my walls with her rustic artwork!

“Your Talent is God’s gift to you, what you do with it is your Gift to God.” Leo Buscuglia

michelle February 18, 2016

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Cuffs and wraps

Absolutely love the jewelry I’ve gotten from Kim!! Such beautiful work

Debbi Fehr February 18, 2016

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Very first custom made bracelet I got made by Kim was after our little girl was born. I have worn it so much over the last 17 months and got numerous complimets on it. I have bought quite a few bracelets ever since. We are not gonna say how many lol. I absolutely love Kim’s work and love our little visits when I come to grab bracelets. Thank you very much Kim. I am looking to many more leather bracelets from you in the future. Xo

Duska Heyer February 18, 2016

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Beautiful creations

Kim is always very accommodating, she can create anything you envision. I love my bracelets, always get compliments on them. I love giving them as gifts they are always a big hit! MC

Mandy Cowger February 18, 2016

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I absolutely love Sand n Stone jewlery! I have countless bracelets that are fun to mix and match. Can’t wait to add to my collection! Thanks for all your hard work Kim!!

Jordyn February 18, 2016

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Amazing jewelry!! I wish I could have a piece of everything Kim made! Made with a lot of love, and it shows in the product. Built to last. Kim your pieces are inspirational, full of heart, and just amazing….just like you!!

Amber Woods February 18, 2016

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Love my sand & stone!!

Love the thoughtfulness and detail in each piece and get compliments all the time!!

Angela Inskip February 18, 2016

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I’m obsessed!!!

To say I’m obsessed with this beautiful ladies creations is an understatement!!! I’ve ordered at least one of almost everything!! So many thoughtful, personalized gifts for people ( then a few extras for myself).
Great customer service and beyond amazing finished products!

Ainslie Ford February 18, 2016

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Love love LOVE!

Your beautiful jewellery has become my daily staple and accessory of choice! Not only do I love the personalized wraps that are a constant reminder of my two greatest joys, but they are also the \’new age\’ friendship bracelet from my dearest friend that I miss so much! Your work is amazing. Thank you for creating memories and for bridging the gap between friends that are missed so dearly! LOVE my little arm party and that no two days am I wearing the same set! Love love!

Lindsay Harris February 18, 2016

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Every piece of jewelry is so beautiful I want it all! Amazing quality and excellent customer service!

Candice Avdikos February 18, 2016

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Amazing work

Kim is so talented and does absolutely amazing work!! She is one of the nicest people I have ever met! I am so lucky to have a few pieces which I love! I always get compilments on my Sand and Stone Jewlery!!

Rene Coatta February 18, 2016

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Great Bracelets!!

Kim is amazing! I have 2 sets of bracelets for myself and have boughten a few for friends. Kim is great at putting together awesome colour combos, and has custom made me special occasion wrap bracelets very quickly whenever I need them. I don\’t know anyone that doesn\’t love her work!

Janice Gibos February 18, 2016

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Unique & Handmade

I am always impressed with the quality, selection and prices of the products! My orders have been done before the deadline each time and are more beautiful than I had imagined! Always my go to gift for the special people in my life 🙂

Nikole Harder February 18, 2016

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Amazing, beautiful, unique and personal

Kim has made me numerous wraps, cuffs, necklaces,and even a custom barn stall decoration for my sisters rodeo queen pageant in Nevada.

Always professional, Kim puts her heart and soul into every stamp in every piece she makes!!!!
She is amazingly creative and throughly enjoys creating special pieces for people!!!

I can’t wait to order a few new things in the very near future ❤️

Bobbi-lee Woodward February 18, 2016

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Camo & Ammo

I absolutely love all the work she does, totally unique to what I like to see. 🙂

Brittany Gaulin February 18, 2016

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A piece of my soul I can see on my wrist everyday

I bought my first piece from this amazing lady over 2 years ago and I wear it faithfully everyday on my left wrist , it is a simple leather piece that has worn beautifully day by day and moulded into much more than a bracelet ,it’s my daily mantra that reminds me that ” clear eyes , full heart , can’t lose ”
It’s travelled the world with me and is what keeps me whole and focused . It’s more than a piece on my arm it’s a piece of me 💛

Rebekah Hallaert February 18, 2016

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Always get amazing results. Love your work, can’t wait to order more. Had a problem with a snap and it was fixed right away and additional snaps. Greatly appreciate you!

Lala Cripps February 18, 2016

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Amazing stuff:-)

I have bought several pieces for myself and to give as gifts. Everything is amazing quality, and super nice. I often get complimented on my sand & stone jewellery and love that I can customize the quotes to make the item perfect! Kim is amazing and such a friendly person to work with too! Can’t say enough good about this company:-)

Rhonda Doucettw February 18, 2016

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One of a kind…

I only ever wore my Pandora bracelet and diamond necklace, until I moved to FSJ and discovered Kim! Now my Pandora is usually paired with one of my favourite leather wrap (with my children’s names stamped side by side), and a stack of beads inspired by the day! So much fun! So unique! I get compliments on my wraps every time I wear them and have given many as gifts to friends back home who love them as much as I do! So nice to send a gift I’m proud to give and that has brought SO MANY smiles to my circle of friends. Thank you, Kim, for bringing us all a little joy with your talented hands! xo

Brandi Garden February 18, 2016

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Little treasures

Such beautiful and unique pieces that are made with love. Kim truly puts her heart into all her creations. She’s wonderful to work with and I treasure all of my bling from Sand and stone!

Anna K February 18, 2016

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Amazing Work!

I have had countless things made by Kim, my dog’s collar, my bridesmaids pearl earrings, my mother and mother in laws pearl necklaces. I also own a number of bracelets that I have picked out from her amazing stock on hand. She puts so much thought and heart into everything she makes. I couldn’t recommend a better person to trust with your special items.

Courtney Helm February 18, 2016

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Unique and Amazing!

Love your jewelry! I have many of your fabulous pieces and they are all unique, top quality, and you can tell they are made with love and care! Great to wear, better to gift!

Pam Koehn February 18, 2016

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Beautiful Personalized Jewelry

Kim makes the most beautiful personalized leather bracelets. She made me a triple wrap with words from my weddings songs, double wrap with my children’s names as well as many bead bracelets. She has a way of putting together a set that always catches my eye and the quality of her products are 10/10.

Deborah Ross February 18, 2016

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I have ordered numerous things from Kim from bracelets to spoons to bookmarks and it is all amazing. I rarely write reviews but I had to for Sand and Stone. To top it off Kim has great customer service and is always so thoughtful.

Jessica Kovacevic February 18, 2016

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Amazing gifts

I have bought many gifts for friends and family as well as myself. Kim makes beautiful jewelry and always puts a personal touch to it. She is passionate about her work and it shows it every piece she makes. Nothing else compares 💜

Jenna February 18, 2016

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Gorgeous and meaningful

I have a few of my own pieces from Kim and have given pieces as gifts. They are high quality and beautiful. I love her work and her generosity. She has donated pieces to fundraisers and supports her community.

Aundréa Wright February 18, 2016

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Kim is a good friend of mine so writing this is easy, all of the work that comes out of her house is full of love, thoughtfulness, caring and prayer. She cares about each persons order like its her very first and puts everything she has into it. Not only are her creations beautiful but they hold meaning, not just for the person who ordered them but for her.

Carlen February 18, 2016

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1/2 Cuff & Bracelets

I have recently made my 1st Sand and Stone purchase and now i’m hooked! Kim’s pieces are so incredible adorable! Already planning out my next piece … Obsessed!

Haley Brown February 18, 2016

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Fantastic Product!

I have bought a few gifts from Sand & Stone and has a couple made personally for the recipients. Kim has been fantastic to work with, if I give her a small idea she runs with it and comes back with something spectacular!

I hope to soon own one of her pieces for myself!

Jill B February 18, 2016

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Beautiful Jewlery

I have had the privilege to purchase a couple of sets as gifts as well for myself. The craftsmanship and loving care in each piece is what has me coming back for more.

Lisa Behrens February 18, 2016

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