August Bracelet

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Pink Aventurine is a beautiful and powerful crystal which represents happiness, prosperity, compassion and love.

Pink Aventurine carries a light, happy energy of love that connects with your heart and infuses it with the energy of compassion. If you are experiencing any feelings of uncertainty or worry, this heart opening crystal helps to soothe your soul.

Pink Aventurine allows us to accept and embrace our bodies and the

absolute love of our higher self and soul. It can envelop us in the joy and love in our lives.

This powerful stone works well to increase our self esteem.

It encourages us accept who we are, what we look like and helps us find our true love.

In other words, pink aventurine allows us to cherish the goddess within all of us.


This bracelet was made to remind you of summer

That you can be as happy as the color of this stone, and shine as bright as the faceted glass. When it catches the light, let it be your reminder that you are beautiful, and enough.**I am not a doctor and this is not guaranteed to heal any ailments.

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