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February Bracelet

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Silverite, or mystic sapphire, are heat treated sapphires.

The result is a beautiful sparkly crystal that holds all the same properties as sapphires.
Sapphires are said to attract prosperity, bring wisdom and are known to focus and calm the mind.

Wear silverite to honor your truth and show the world the beauty of your heart.

Tutu Pink Reminder:

This color matches my tutu perfectly.
This is your reminder to wear the clothes, wear the shoes, find the adventure,

Step outside of your comfort zone and find pieces of yourself that you’ve forgotten.

Remember I can send these as gifts and these do not need to be monthly birthday bracelets you can love them because they're great!

**I am not a doctor and this is not guaranteed to heal any ailments.

**This is for ONE bracelet, not the entire set.

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