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This stone is GORGEOUS. The multiple shades of green, the facets, the weight.
Ive been wanting to bring this in for a while and I am so glad I did.

With a gold filled or sterling silver bead as your reminder to pause and notice the beauty of the day, take a moment to breathe and have a moment for yourself.


Communication – Balance – Stability - Adaptability - Choices - Hope

Chrysoprase opens, activates and energizes the heart and brings Universal energy into the physical body.

Chrysoprase promotes love of truth. It promotes hope, and encourages fidelity in business and personal relationships. It stimulates creativity and draws out ones talents. Chrysoprase heals the inner child, releasing emotions locked in since childhood.

It can mend a broken heart, heal relationships and transmute negative emotions into positive ones. Chrysoprase helps one to overcome compulsive or impulsive angry thoughts and behaviour, and turns your attention to positive events. It brings a sense of security and trust and is useful in healing codependence whilst supporting independence and encouraging commitment. It provides for non-judgmental attitudes and stimulates acceptance of oneself and others.

Chrysoprase is a strong detoxifying stone. It eliminates waste from the body, as well as the mind, by stimulating the liver and encouraging the body to rid itself of poisons. It is excellent for relaxation and promoting a peaceful night's sleep.

**I am not a doctor and this is not guaranteed to heal any ailments.

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