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The 'everyday' bracelet

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A promise to yourself.
Maybe you just need a moment today for yourself (we all know those are hard to come by somedays), let this remind you to take 10mins, stand outside, read that book, have that coffee.
Do something today you haven't done in a long time, or do something you do everyday, but really meaningfully do it today...
It's your everyday reminder to fulfill the promises you've made for yourself.
Whatever that means to you.
This bracelet is meant to be worn everyday, in the shower, while you sleep...from when you wake up and remind yourself to take that five minutes of quiet time before your day starts, or at night, to put your phone down and pickup the book instead...whatever little promises you've made to yourself, let this simple leather bracelet be your important reminder.
To bring back the girl, the girl who loved living.
To be man you've aspired to be.
I've been wearing mine now for three weeks, in the shower, during my workout, while I'm sleeping, it doesn't come off.
My kids are wearing it.
My husband is wearing one. (see gallery pics)
Made with genuine leather and its adjustable!
Love, Kim
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