the Beauty of the Phoenix

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The beauty of the Phoenix

The Phoenix bird is a mythological bird that moves from one cycle of life to the next. When defeated, or in fear of impending death, the Phoenix will burst magnificently into flames. A short time after, it will emerge, reborn, from its own ashes. When the Phoenix emerges from theashes, it rises with dignified power, strength and energy. The reborn Phoenix is renewed, refreshed and bursting with life.

The Phoenix is regularly associated with the Sun, which is also a symbol of life, energy and power. The warmth of the sun’s rays will fill you with hope and strength when you most need it.

Rebirth & Resurrection

The power of the Phoenix to regenerate and to be reborn makes it a strong symbol for those looking to recognize a new chapter in their life.


The Phoenix can symbolize growth, so it is a great symbol to consider if you’re looking to recognize your own personal growth or development, or perhaps the

wisdom that you’ve gained through the years.

Victory & Overcoming Challenges

The Phoenix is a great symbol for anyone wanting something that represents a victory. It is also a good choice for anyone wanting to recognize a challenge that they have overcome.


Power & Strength

The ability of the Phoenix to come back stronger each time it is reborn makes it a great symbol for anyone who wants something that represents strength and power

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