Where do I create my profile?

  • Please sign in under the Custom Order tab and enter all your information.
  • Even if you live in Fort St. John, please enter your address, as I am going to be sending out random bracelets all year round and you won’t get one if I don’t have your information.

Is Sand and Stone a chain store?

  • No. Sand and Stone is 100% my own, there is no pyramid scheme, no higher ups, just little old me.

What kind of machine do you use to stamp the leather?

  • My own two hands do all the work! My main ‘machine’ is a hammer and each letter is stamped in by hand. This is why everything is custom and not the same. Which is also why I can’t guarantee that something will be stamped in perfectly straight order.  This to me, makes it even more special as it is truly one of a kind.

Why don’t you have a store that’s always open?

  • Because everything I do is custom, or one of a kind, I don’t have a mass amount of one thing. I will open my shop once a week with new products you can buy that will be shipped the next day.
    There will only be a handful of each item, as I only make a few of each so you have something that’s one of a kind and not mass marketed.
  • You can take any picture from the gallery and add it into a custom order and I will make it for you.

How do I measure my wrist?

  • Use a fabric measuring tape and write down the ‘tight’ measurement of whatever wrist you will be most likely to wear your cuff on. If you don’t have a measuring tape, a piece of string and a ruler also work just as well.

Why do I  need a tight wrist measurement for my cuff?

  • I add on the appropriate amount of leather to make it fit properly. By giving me a tight measurement I can accurately guage how much will be needed for a perfect fit

What if I can’t get a measurement? (e.g. – it’s for a gift)

  • You can always measure something the person has already, or if it needs to be mailed, we can usually guesstimate a measurement from your knowledge of the person (I have been in the wrist business for four years – I’ve almost got it figured out 🙂

Can I get my leather cuff wet?

  • I have many customers who wear their cuffs washing dishes, or swimming.  I personally take mine off before, but the option is yours.

Will my leather soften?

  • Yes! The more you wear it, and allow your natural oils to penetrate the leather, the softer it becomes. Leather lasts for years and years, and the more you wear it, the more it becomes ‘you’

Does your leather come pre-dyed?

  • I cut every single item specifically from a large piece of tanned leather and then dye it to the color of your choice! This allows to me to truly create you a one of a kind piece, hand cut and dyed just for you.

If I am allergic to nickel plated metals, what can I do about the snap at the back of your cuffs?

  • I do have a plastic coated snap, so the metal won’t sit against your skin. Please note in check out that you’d like me to use this type of snap.

How much is shipping?

  • I can usually ship one bracelet and leather set for $2 CAD, if two or more are needed, it’s approximately $10-14. Frames (which are the heaviest) can also be shipped for approximately $12-15CAD

Do you ship outside of Canada?

  • All the time! US shipping rates differ, however Airmail for a basic package is usually around $8, Ground delivery being around $5

Do you have a store?

  • I currently do consignment to a local store called Old is the New New – you should check her out, she has amazing higher end clothing on consignment!
  • If you are local, when you pick up your bracelet, I have a workshop set up where you can come and pick out your bracelets and check out other goodies I have available.

How long does it take for a piece to be made?

  • Typically wait time is 1-2 weeks, however during peak seasons like Christmas time, wait time can go to 3 weeks.
  • During Christmas, cut off for customized jewelry orders can come earlier than expected, however, I will always let you know how long you have until I have to cut orders off.

Are your chains real silver or gold?

  • In order to keep costs down, I almost always use a faceted brass chain that I bring in from Turkey. If I were to use real gold or sterling silver, the necklaces prices would increase significantly. That being said, if you would like me to order you in gold or silver please request it and I can order it for you specifically.

What if my chain/brass bar tarnish?

  • The silver/brass chains will tarnish a bit after wear. The brass will patina into a rustic, beautiful color over time. If you want your shiny brass look back, please use a super fine steel wool to buff it.
  • To care for your necklaces, please avoid exposing them to moisture/sweat, and store them in a dry place.
  • If you have any questions at all please contact me.

Where do you get your supplies from?

  • I always try to stay local first, however, living in an ‘isolated’ town, makes that extremely difficult. 95% of my product has to be ordered in. So my next stop is Canadian. I try and support our country and little businesses as much as possible. My charms typically come from a mom and her at home business, just like myself. I love knowing that by you supporting me, I can support others like me! Next stop, I try and find the funkiest shops I can with one of a kind pieces. I bring supplies in from Mykonos Greece, Turkey, Thailand, anywhere where I can find you something that no one else may have, I try and find it!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

  • I find inspiration in every day living. Songs, memories, moments, something I read….this is why I can’t turn my brain off at night. My mind is constantly going, trying to think of new designs and what colors I should bring in next.

How did you get started?

  • Please see the ‘About Me’ Section of my website

What does the tell me your story box mean during a custom order?

  • I love hearing the story of a piece that I get to make. Whether it be a memorial, a birth, graduation, life change, the more information you give me, the more my creative juices flow and I can understand in depth what the piece is being made for.
  • For example, if you are outdoorsy I can stamp mountains on your double wrap, or if you love horses, I can stamp horse shoes and a horse. The options are endless, and if you have a question, please feel free to email  me.

What are your bracelets made out of?

  • They are mostly made out of natural gemstone beads, however, I use many different types of beads to get different colors/textures and the best looking stacks. They are strung one by one on heavy duty elastic cord.

How long are your necklaces?

  • Sweater length necklaces are always between 32″ & 36″ – however, I cut all my own chain, so any length can be used! It is all about customizing and making sure you get what you want!

What if I receive my order and its not what I expected?

  • You let me know right away. PLEASE 🙂 I will always remake something if you are not 100% happy.

Is your jewellery hypoallergenic?

  • I do use stainless steel, or sterling silver for my shorter necklaces if I have them in stock, however, for my longer sweater length necklaces I have commonly used brass, or faceted ball chain – I have found a supplier who I love, and I love the sparkle the chains I get from them have.

Who did your website?

  • Kyle at Citrus Technologies Quality Management Systems. He is crazy patient, and great at what he does! If you want information on getting him to build your website, please contact me for his information!!