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Christmas love Christmas Box

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Because sometimes you need to be taken care of.

Because sometimes you want a gift you didn't choose.
Because sometimes, we need to be loved on.

The items in this box are meant to be used the week after Christmas, the time where you want to be cozy and are thinking about who you want to be in the new year. Let me wrap you in comfort and joy as you take some time for yourself.

Everything in this box will be new, and will NOT be able to be purchased on the site.

This box is curated just for you with high quality items with some extra love sprinkled in. I promise you will love what I choose. It will be personalized to your liking, with no two boxes exactly the same, just like there is only one of you.

Beautifully and thoughtfully created, with my two hands. Full of love to remind you that there is something beautiful in every day.

Not all the questions will be used - I just want to know all things just in case!!

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